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"Back Row," her most recent electronic, dance/pop single, perfectly displays emerging performing recording artist Gabriela Lo Basso's sultry and soulful vocals over electronic dance-pop beats with a K-pop influence.

Her latest string of performances took her from North America to Seoul, Korea where her music took a new turn embracing threads of K-Pop in her upcoming release.

On tour, she wound up her audience with energetic and inspirational live shows. Showing her dancing prowess while displaying her voice for the new generation, she is a strong, young, unapologetic woman who is planning a career as a global force empowering women with her message and music.

Gabriela had an early start as a performer at ten years old, is self-taught on piano, and is a devoted student to her vocal craft for the past decade. She has written or co-written every song on her upcoming album.

Gabriela is currently recording a 10-song album to be released in 2023.

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